Projects at Alex Smith Garden Design, Ltd. begin within the design studio in a collaborative effort, merging the aligned disciplines of architecture, landscape architecture, and art. By use of plans, photographs, and perspective renderings we illustrate initial concepts for a design. We develop plans for exterior architectural features, garden buildings, thoughtful softscapes and hardscapes. The team believes that landscape and architecture are extensions of one another and strives to create an effortless transition between the two. We frequently collaborate with many of the area’s finest architects, complementing their visions with our own design aesthetic. We always assess the land, existing materials, specific growing conditions, and clients’ taste to endow each project with distinctive character.


Integral to our success in building beautiful gardens is our extensive experience in installation.  The design and installation teams at Alex Smith Garden Design, Ltd. work together on every facet of the installation. From hand-picking all plant materials to specifying detailed hardscape, we take great pride in successfully executing each phase of our projects. Soil preparation, grading, drainage work, selection of appropriate materials, irrigation, and lighting are some of the many aspects that receive special attention in the design and installation phases of each of our projects.


Proper maintenance of a garden or landscape is essential to preserving the design’s intent. Alex Smith Garden Design, Ltd.’s reputation for sound horticultural practices is unparalleled in the industry. Trained by Alex himself, the skilled gardeners on our maintenance staff are expert in all aspects of fine gardening and horticultural care. They are attuned to detail and sensitive to horticultural requirements for a wide range of plants and garden styles.  Leading architects, designers, and a long list of supportive clients recognize our ability to faithfully maintain our gardens and those designed by others.  In addition to a customized maintenance plan, we also create beautiful container compositions to complement your exterior and interior spaces.